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August Inspiration Elevator Challenge

You may recall from last month's challenge that the purpose of this challenge group was to take our scrapbooking to the next level, to stretch our creative process and to grow as artists by embracing challenges that make us think, work and grow.

This month our challenger was from the very talented Lisa Moen.  Lisa, like most of us, doesn't always take the "perfect" photos. In fact, sometimes, the imperfect is all you have to tell your story. This month Lisa challenged us to use those imperfect photos to tell a story. Here's what she had to say about her challenge:

"I was digging through some old 1980's photos the other day and realized how bad some of the pictures were. Cameras have come a LONG way since then!

I have lots of pictures I haven't scrapped because they were/are poor quality pictures and I am sure you have pictures like that too. So let's dig out those blurry, bad pictures and tell the story behind them!  So my challenge to you this month is to use a bad photo and journal about it."
SCRAP A BLURRY PHOTO???  Oh my.  The horror!  I have become quite the picture snob over the years...however, when my camera died a sad and pitiful death late last year, I was forced to lower my standards to the pictures I could get from my iphone.  For several months I did not have a "good" camera so many, many of my photos were blurry.  I was so sad...until I discovered Instagram and PicFx and other apps that help photos look more "artsy" than "oopsy"...and now, I'm good with it.  I've learned that sometimes, to tell the story, you gotta scrap the not so good, here you go!! 
The story:  Our family spent an evening at the Hollywood Bowl a week ago and on our way in to find our seats, Jason Earle (the actor that played Jackson on Hannah Montana) walked right by girls were INSTANTLY freaking out!  Hannah Montana was one of their favorite, favorite shows and there was Jackson!  They giggled and were so excited to have seen him and when we sat down and looked up, we could see exactly where he had sat down.  My youngest, being the fearless go getter that she is, just HAD to go ask him for his autograph so my mother in law walked down with her as she climbed over an entire row of people to ask him for his autograph...I tried to get a decent photo of the event as it was unfolding but it was dusk and as you can see, the first picture is incredibly blurry.  The next one is also blurry as the girls were just so excited to see the autograph..the last one was crisp as she was posing for me...but how could I not tell the story like this???  So, blurry photos it is...I'm good with it.
The rest of the girls have also played along...hop along through their blogs and let them know what you think about scrapping blurry photos!!!

I invite you to play along with any of our challenges and add your comment below with a link, we would love to see what you have created..


Lisa Moen

Lisa, you ROCKED it! Love your banner of labels and paper tearing! So happy that you have scrapped this event with the blurry pics, it makes it a moment to remember and I'm sure your girls are going to love looking at it!

Cathy Harper

Yep, this rocks! What wonderful memory to capture! The tearing, layering...everything is so wonderful about this page!

Ann Jobes

Cool story behind the photos, Lisa! I love the horizontal strip across the top - that paper bag strip is really neat. Your girls have likely moved on from Hannah Montana now, but will still treasure the memory and the effort you made to capture it!


Definitely a memory that needs scrappy - blurry pictures and all!! An amazing page!!

Audrey Yeager

What a great story! You HAD to scrap this, even if the photos were blurry! Love the design of your page!

Laura Whitaker

awesome, of course this moment has to be honored and scrapped to remember always! love the papers you chose and all of the sweet touches your added!

Bev Code

that is so funny.. iphone photo are truly aweful... but the page is fab.. and great story too..

Carolyn Wolff

Very nicely done. I love the paper tearing and great story too.

Sue Sykes

This is so wonderful! I love the paper you chose, and the big grin on her face was just BEGGING to tell this story! Job well done!


Lisa! I love this story! I adore your torn piece and your cluster. The color palette really accentuates the dusky photos and your ticket banner is also a great addition. This is a wonderful design!


Great story and as always, terrific layout!
I have endless supply of blurry photos, I will try to play along this month :)

Joanne xo

Such a great layout Lisa! I love your overall design - but I especially love the element clusters and the banner. Plus, the story behind the photos is so awesome! Definitely a memory to be preserved - even with blurry photos!
Joanne xo



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