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Been a scrappy week!

October Inspiration Elevator Challenge

It's reveal time!
You may recall from last month's challenge that the purpose of this challenge group was to take our scrapbooking to the next level, to stretch our creative process and to grow as artists by embracing challenges that make us think, work and grow. We love to have new faces join us on our journey and this month we welcome a new guest designer to join us.  Please join me in welcoming Denise Morrison. Denise's blog is aptly name "Life is Yummy" and so is her art!

This month our challenger was the very talented Ann Jobes. Her challenge to us is as follows:
This month's challenge is a journaling prompt. I realize some of us do not journal much on our pages, and if we're truthful, we mostly scrapbook for ourselves - it gives us joy, a creative outlet, etc. But we do hope that someone is going to page through these albums sometime in the future, right? For this month's challenge, I'd like you to think about some of those values or beliefs that are important to you.

There is no "right way" to do this. Spend some time thinking about this. It's your chance to share with future generations something that is important to you and makes you who you are. Take some time to collect some verses, quotes or sayings that speak to your soul. Choose one that you think is a "life verse" - something that really communicates the essence of you.

Use whatever photo(s) you think will suit your message. Enjoy putting a meaningful page together using your favourite techniques, style, papers - whatever makes it "you".

I know this is going to be difficult. I'm asking you to reverse your process and put the message first when we so often put our message/journaling last, as an afterthought, if at all.

My very first thought when I viewed this challenge was a simple one.  I believe in scrapbooking.  In the more than 17 years since I first began this hobby, it has crept into my soul in a way no other "hobby" has.  I am committed to it on so many levels, from creating pages for my family albums, creating for Design Teams and Challenge Teams, to chatting with other scrappers on message boards, to doing Project Life- this is really not just a hobby anymore.  It is a part of me and in what I believe.  Keeping the memories for my family.  I always wished my mom had scrapbooked or kept a scrapbook but her family didn't own a camera so there are very few photos of her as a child or young woman.  It wasn't until my father and she met that her life began to be photographed as my father and his friends were also memory keepers in that they loved photography.  So now I take it one step further.  The journaling on my layout reads:  I believe that being my family's memory keeper is an important job.  Keeping the memories of our everday lives will provide a window into our world when memory fails us.  I also believe it is very important for me to be in the photographs and the pages of our scrapbooks.  I want my children, and someday, grandchildren, to know me and our lives.  I believe it is so important.
This layout is so "me"...from the textured cardstock, to the distressing, the misting, the threads..butterflies and yellows and whites...the journaling around the page...
I even managed to cut my title on my Cameo!  Can I get a woot woot!!

So that is it for me this month...I believe in scrapbooking.

 I hope you will stop by and see what the designers on this adventure have created:

 We would love to see what you are inspired to create and learn what you believe in... Add your comment below with a link, I will be sure to drop by and say hello.



Ann Jobes

What a gorgeous page, Lisa! I love the fibre bits under the focal point,and your yellow starburst that you used to mat the photo of yourself. Beautiful work!


gorgeous...everything about it! Amazing detail! Love it!


This is so very beautiful! Wow!

Laura Whitaker

i LOVE this, i love your journalling and where you put it! fabulous accents on this page too! I so want a Cameo even more now!

Denise Morrison

This is amazing.
I love the soft colors and layers.
so much to see.

Joanne Burton

Absolutely beautiful! I love the photo of you and all the things on this layout that make it you - especially the distressing and misting! Perfection!
Joanne xo

christa uttley

Whoa! Lisa, this is stunning..of course so are you! I like the bits of silver spiraling out and your 'shabby' layers really give it a feminine feel. Just like you. I love this. It whispers beauty and screams perfection!

Diana Waite

this is STUNNING--LOVE all the layers--BEAUTIFUL!

Lisa Moen

Wow Lisa! This page is gorgeous!

Sue Sykes

This is so incredibly beautiful, Lisa - the soft palette, the threads, the Cameo-cut title (YAY, you!! :)) Love everything about this...

Audrey Yeager

Oh I am in LOVE with this page!!!!!!! The bits of thread are my fav, and I love how you call your role your "family's memory keeper"! I may need to use that sometime!

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