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December 15, 2013


Cathy Harper

omgosh! Stunning work! Totally in awe!

Laurel S

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!


This is beautiful!!! Love the magic of Santa and Christmas!!


Lisa, what a wonderful design. I am in awe how you honour such traditions in your home and seamless meld your faith and the magic of Santa. Thanks for sharing this gorgeous design ad all the magic it inspires. You are lovely. May your holidays be filled with joy and love.xo

Christy Riopel

The map of the north pole is a super clever Idea!!! Great layout!

Laura Whitaker

this is a beautiful page, i love the story it represents! life is full of challenges and we face them from a very young age, any excuse to find a little magic it a definite plus in my books!

Joanne xo

What a truly stunning layout! I loved your heartfelt story and I think you captured your memories beautifully! Also, all the snowflakes seem to add a bit of 'magic' to your page. Thanks for sharing your story and your beautiful faith!

Lisa M.

Love your colors and snowflakes, Lisa. Stunning layout!

Ann Jobes

Lisa, the colour palette with the icy clear snowflakes is gorgeous, and I find your family tradition warm and fascinating. The North Pole map is a genius touch of detail! What a great page and thanks for working this challenge so seamlessly - kwim?

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