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Do you ever have those moments where you feel like "I must be forgetting something because my life seems a bit easier lately?".  A little nagging voice telling you that you should be doing something else but you can't remember what you forgot? You don't? OMG.  I must be losing it.  I literally forgot to blog.  I had several posts in draft and with all that is going on in my world I just forgot.  So sorry to the (very) few followers I have that I forgot to post! Anyway, without going into the details of what is consuming me, let's just say that parenting three teenage girls is exhausting.  Especially high school teens.

I will NEVER understand the mean girl phenomenoa and why most parents are completely CLUELESS as to what is going on in their children's (yes, your teens are still children) world.  Most of my fellow parents (we have lived in the same community since my oldest was in preschool) have just checked out of the parenting thing and can't see their kids just falling off the rails. I also don't understand why most parents just blindly trust their teens. I don't even parent these kids and I can see what is going on.  How in the world these kids live under their parent's roof and the parents are still clueless just blows me away. I feel very blessed to have daughters that are strong in their moral compass and won't just follow the herd, but man oh man, it's not an easy road for them and my heart hurts for them. Okay.  Rant over.  

Onto all things paper and glue and way more FUN.

So let's recap some of my recent work!  I have a couple of posts up on the Pretty Little Studio Blog...sharing the how to's and why's of these layouts...



and over at The Curtsey Boutique Blog I'm sharing the how to's for this Berry Basket Display piece...

So yes.  That is me in a nutshell.  My head and my heart are consumed with my girls and my hands keep busy glueing stuff together.  It's working for me.  Hope you are having a lovely day!



gorgeous work Lisa!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog:):)

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