I'm back!!
10 on the 10th..

It's the Most WONDERFUL time of the year....

It's time to decorate for Halloween!!! Ohh..how I love Halloween!  I switched things up a bit this year but kept the standard Haunted Parlor (the living room) and my more Family Friendly Family Room...and found a few more corners to tuck things than last year. 

Welcome in, dearies!!  Broomhilda and her kitty, Hiss, are watching over the front door for me..looks like she's cooking up some trouble!


Here's the mantle of the Family Friendly Family Room. :) Pumpkins, flickering candles and framed cross stitches make for a sweet but teeny bit spooky look. 


A close up of the coffee table in the Parlour..things are getting spooky around here!!!  Good thing I caught that nasty witch who showed up uninvited to my Witches Party last year.  I don't think she's too happy with her head under glass but I really do think it's for the best!!


The Potion Bar in the Parlour...I haven't started brewing anything up- yet...


A look at the sitting area of the Parlour.  I think someone should have shut the front door when I was decorating...look at all those ravens just *waiting* for some unassuming little child (or Bichon) to happen along!!


Aww...look at those sweet wedding photos...oh wait...those aren't so sweet!! 


I even found a special spot for my favorite hat...


Well, I hope all that spookiness didn't scare you off...when it stops raining I can finish up the decorating but for now...that is all the spook I can muster up!!

 I am linking up to the "It's Fall Y'All" party....go check it out for great fall decorating ideas!!!




Diana Waite

oh, this looks like SO much fun! Love Halloween myself!

Julie Tucker-Wolek

How FUN Lisa! I loveeeeee all your decorations! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

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