Creating a Stress-Free Holiday
Enjoying Guilt Free Holiday Meals

10 tips to control your holiday stress


The holiday season has officially arrived! And with it, endless opportunities to make memories with the people we love. If you’re ready for the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are ten quick tips to keep you stress free when planning your oh-so eventful holiday.

Be honest

One of the most effective ways to manage stress is to be honest with yourself and others. Speak up about the kind of time you have, the budget you can spend, or the number of calories you’re wanting to consume—over-committing to something can end up being hard on your body. Don’t be afraid to say no!

Maintain your health habits

You've worked hard this year to prioritize your health—don't give up because the holidays are here! Care for your rockin’ bod—you deserve the satisfaction of flaunting it. In the end, you’ll feel better, and feeling better leads to better decisions which ultimately helps lower stress levels.

Learn your limits

"No" can be difficult to say—especially in response to things we actually like to do. What you might not realize—is the word can actually be a lifesaver during the holidays.

You know your limits! So, worry less about what people think when you say "no," and more about what happens when we say "yes."

Stick to a budget

There’s no escaping it—this time of year is notorious for deals on deals on deals. It’s the infamous time when practically every shopping center starts offering deals and steals that are "too good to pass up."

Keep in mind—one of the most impactful factors to our stress levels are our finances. Don't let yourself get talked out of your budget—even for that shoe sale.

Keep it simple

Whether you're making a meal, or buying a gift—keeping it simple is the way to go. Simple is the new classy!

No need to impress your guests with herb-crusted halibut, or a shiny new convertible in the driveway bearing a giant red bow. Think of what you hope to receive from those you love during the season and reciprocate.

Plan, plan, plan

One way to stay on track with regard to what we eat, or how we spend our resources during the holiday season is by planning. Keep lists and make menus. Write things down religiously. And, try not to stray from what you've planned.

Pro Tip: When you write things down, it becomes muscle memory—which is notorious when getting all your goals accomplished.

Let it go

If you’re at a gathering or a work party, and encounter a difficult conversation—no need to fret! Try changing up the conversation! Pie anyone?

Manage expectations

No need to make everything perfect, perfect, perfect. Go with the flow! Keep it loosey-goosey and manage your expectations. It’s a safe way to keep the stress level down.


Take a deep breath. Walk away. Take a nap. The options for stopping and taking inventory of your feelings are endless and helpful when managing stress. Remember! You’re the only one who can give yourself permission to relax. So, kick your shoes off and cut loose!


Sharing quality time with friends and family is ultimately what it comes down to, and what makes the spirit of the holidays truly shine. So, remember to be in the moment—take a deep breath when Susan breaks your favorite ornament or when John eats the last piece of pie. It’s those memories that ultimately make the perfect holiday.

The people in your life who matter most would rather have a stress free you during the season, rather than an over-the-top meal or a gift way out of your budget. Putting yourself and your needs at the top of your list this season will ensure a healthier, happier you. So, put on your fancy pants, slap on those pearly whites and show this holiday season who’s boss!


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