I'm a Certified Health Coach!!!!

So 9 months ago I shared that I became a Plexus Ambassador.  This journey has been such a wonderful one...I've become so passionate about health and I feel like I found my life's calling.  One that takes me all the way back to my college roots.  I graduated college with a Bachelor's degree in Therapeutic Recreation.  I spent 4 years learning about health and wellness and loved working in the field.  When I became pregnant with our oldest child, I was not allowed to work inpatient and I decided after the birth to go back to school and become a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator.  I have been working in that field for more than 20 years now.  I loved being part of people's pregnancy, and coaching them through it and the birth was so emotionally fulfilling I never thought I'd ever do anything else. Until Plexus came around.  After two years of learning about how our gut health, blood sugar levels and inflammation levels affect our health, I decided to go back to school yet again and become a Certified Health Coach! 

Certified-Health-Coach_LogoI will be offering one on one coaching either in person or through video workshops, personalized shopping trips and pantry make overs and so much more!  I'm very excited to offer this service to my current and future Plexus customers to help them take their health to the next level!