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The Final Inspiration Elevator Challenge


After some thought and consideration, the time has come to retire Inspiration Elevator. But before we go, we need to hold a big retirement party, so we've invited everyone who's been involved with Inspiration Elevator back for one last reveal, and to our delight most were able to accept! We are so delighted to have so many IE alumni along this month! Thank you to each of you for helping us end our elevator ride with so much fun and creative energy!


This month's challenge is posed by one of IE's co-creators and team admin, Ann.

This month's challenge is simple, but I hope, challenging as well. 
Here's the challenge: Inspiration Elevator launched on May 15, 2012 and at that time, we explained our purpose as, "Welcome to Inspiration Elevator! What a thrilling day! Today is the launch of Inspiration Elevator (IE), a challenge blog created by my dear friend Christa Uttley and me. We chose the name Inspiration Elevator because it is our intent to raise our creativity to heights through challenges issued every month. We want to raise our designs from the ordinary to the extraordinary. We hope you'll join us on our journey!

IE is a group of like minded scrappy friends who want to raise the bar in their own creative process through unique challenges that we issue to each other once a month. These won't be run of the mill challenges and we hope you'll join us each month and be inspired by the creative designs we've created." 

That vision has remained unchanged over the last (almost) 3 years. The challenge this month is to just create - no holds barred. Take some time, or challenge yourself to do it in 1/2 hour if time is tight, but think about what you'd like to create if there were no agenda, no design team requirement. In other words, create for you, and enjoy the process!



This Inspiration Elevator journey has been so enjoyable for me.  Each month we were pushed outside of our comfort zone to create something.  Most of the time it was a scrapbook page, but it was ALWAYS a challenge which is why it was coined "elevator".  This month, for the first time on this journey, I thought about my inspiration.  My girls.  They are my heart and soul and I love them to the moon and back and more than all the stars.  And now, here is the page to immortalize that quote.  

FullSizeRender (16)

 I haven't created a background  like this before.  I used a Heidi Swapp stencil and Teresa Collins Modeling Paste to add the 3 dimensional stars to the page.  Before it dried I poured holographic glitter over the modeling paste and it has such a nice glimmer, just like sparkling stars!! I fussy cut some of the flowers from Heidi's September Skies papers...because a girl has to be true to herself, right?  And then I added the title. I haven't done a title like this before, either...I really like how it turned out!!



One more close up..I wish you could see the glitter on the stars!


Thank you so much for following along with the Inspiration Elevator challenges the last three years.  It's been quite the ride and I'm so proud and honored to have been on this journey with all these talented ladies.

We hope you'll take the time to hop through and visit each of our participant's blogs, beginning with our guests, then our current team, and finishing off with our co-founders. Feel free to leave comments and lavish each one with appreciation for all that they each brought to the Inspiration Elevator challenge over the last 3 years!

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Jodi Wilton

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Michelle Hernandez

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Ann Jobes

Inspiration Elevator January 2015 Challenge- NEW


January is a month where we make resolutions, start fresh and have a new outlook towards many things. Our scrapping is the same way! We start new albums, pick "one little word" for new focus and even try new techniques. My challenge this month is to use the word "new" to inspire your page. Try to move beyond new products (although that is fun!) and scrap about something "new" you're committed to (maybe a new diet?), "new" to you experience and while you're at it, use a "new to you" technique. Something you've NEVER tried before this page. Tell us how it goes in your blog post!!

Here's my take on my own Challenge...


Obviously, my title "new beginnings" is about the beginning of the year..I always love the ability to start fresh and have a new outlook.  I also tried a couple of new (to me) techniques.  First up, I watercolored the background of my printed paper..then after I created the page I felt it needed some balance and to tone down the pink a bit so I added some modeling paste using a stencil OVER the paint.  I had never done that before, adding the paste over the paint.  I like it!  


I also added some washi tape.  This was a first for me.  Honestly.  I don't really "get" washi tape, but I sort of like how it just gave the page a little something something...I might try it again!


and a close up of the bits and bobs I tucked UNDER the cameo cut...I hadn't done that much before I don't think!  I like it!!  And there you have it, my attempt at "new".  Hope you'll play along and link us up in the comments!  We also have a Facebook page that you can share on...we love to see you playing along! Here's the LINK.

We encourage you to check out each designer's creation this month: here's a  list of this month's participating designers! 

http://inkspiration.typepad.com/Ann Jobes
http://www.spsetc.blogspot.ca/Jayne Morgan
http://scrappydayinparadise.blogspot.ca/Wendi Robinson
http://lisasscrappyhideaway.blogspot.ca/Lisa Moen

Why not give the challenge a try yourself? Then pop by our Facebook page and share with us what you created!

College Visits.


We had a great New Years with our best friends this year.  Just mellow mellow...good food, good company, and poppers in the street at midnight.  My kind of New Years.  


And the morning after, Jillian and I hit the road to Phoenix, AZ to visit the Downtown Campus of ASU.  We got there as the sun was setting and took a peek from our 14th floor room of the campus below.


And then went for a (very cold) walk around.


This sculpture in the park next to the campus is so cool.  It's supposed to represent the Arizona State Flower...we had a yummy dinner at a cool little restaurant and then went back to our room to watch some TV and relax.  Up bright and early in the (very cold 25 degree morning) and we are off for our tours.

Jillian loved the downtown campus. It's new and slick and has lots of bells and whistles and is right in the heart of Phoenix, giving her loads of opportunity.  I have no question it would be the best program for her.  We also visited the Tempe campus via light rail.  Um.  Let's just say she won't be doing that alone.



The day after we arrived home Jillian was supposed to visit Maddie in Nevada but she wasn't feeling well or up to it, so instead, Maddie threw her stuff in the car and headed home. Until today.  LOL Totally unplanned visit, and she had to sleep on an airmattress in Camryn's room but I don't think she minded.  On Wednesday and Thursday of last week, (which also turned into Friday) Jillian and I visited University of Northern Colorado. What a cute little campus.  Great school.  Too bad it's in such a po-dunk town.  We were pretty disappointed by that.  Cute little downtown area with yummy food. (had the best burger of my life  in a little restaurant called Stuft)



Adorable campus with a very Ivy League feel...


And even if she had been willing to consider it, the fact that our flight was cancelled and we had to sleep in the airport probably clinched the deal that she won't be going to UNC.  Too bad.

So we are still waiting on all the Californina schools to send notifications.  She's applied to 4 of them and we haven't heard from ANY of them yet.  UGH.  This college search saga is still open for discussion and we have a long way to go once we hear from CA!

Some fun shares!

First up, the best news I've heard in weeks- I've been invited to join the My Scraps and More Design Team!!

You can see the announcement Here!  I'm so happy to be part of a non manufacturer design team again...it's fun to design with mulitple products (although you all know I love me my Pretty Little Studio!).  Audrey's store has only the BEST new products and the MOST kind and sweet forum I have even had the pleasure of joining...so it's just making me giddy to be able to design for them, too!

After I found the site I played along with their Thanksgiving challenges and created a few pages...



and this one...


and a couple others that were shared over at Pretty Little Studio already...including this one that is one of my recent faves..


and now I'm knee deep in designing with the fun new Clear Scraps products...lots of really cute new stuff there (but I am sworn to secrecy, lol).  You'll get to see them after they debut at CHA.  So back to work with me...I have lots of projects to do!  Have a great day!

That one time I forgot to blog...

Ha!  Has that ever happened to you?  You are so busy living life you forget to blog?  Well, it happened here.  I did tell you all that Camryn broke her hip in the middle of November.  Well, homeschooling did not go as smoothly as I would have liked.  It really just reaffirmed to me that we are a public school kind of family.  She missed all her friends SO much.  She misses dance something AWFUL.  And Camryn without physical activity?  Well, let's just say there's a reason she's in dance classes 6 days a week.  So.  There was that, and a very brief few days where Maddie was home for Thanksgiving.  



And then we went back to the dr and got the go ahead for Cammy to go back to school...ahh...finally, silence...for a couple of days it rained and she was at school and it was pure BLISS.  And then I guess the universe decided I needed a new challenge.  So.  (There's a lesson here, friends....) My washer got stuck on the rinse cycle.  ALL NIGHT.  Like for 10 hours. And flooded half my house. My kitchen.  My laundry room.  My dining room.  My family room.  Maddie's room.  And the garage. Sigh.  I didn't even attempt to clean this one up.  Called a water abatement company right away. And now, all of said rooms have been packed and emptied and we are living with about 3 dozen unbelievably loud fans and dehumidifiers all over and we are smashed into about half our normal family room with the deafening fans blowing.  I can barely cook (not to mention most of my stuff was packed and removed so the cabinets could dry out), my refrigerator is where my desk should be and I'm smooshed in the corner of the family room and I really can't hear myself think.  And they keep tripping the circuts.  I reset them no less than 5 times today. Sigh.  I've been sighing a lot.  Not much else I can do.  We just have to wait for the insurance adjuster (supposedly on Friday) to tell us what is going to happen now. So...the moral of the story is...DON'T PUT A LOAD OF LAUNDRY ON BEFORE BED!! Okay.  Enough ranting (well, there was that brief moment where I shared my lovely daughters)...back to our regularly scheduled blogging!!

November Inspiration Elevator Challenge


Our main purpose here at IE is to challenge ourselves, each other and YOU to take the creative process to the next level;  to inspire growth and change in our scrapbooking beyond the mundane.
You can see all of Inspiration Elevator's previous challenges at on Facebook .

 This month's challenge is issued by the creative Katherine Sutton. Katherine has a fabulous, eclectic style where she showcases all kinds of mediums and keeps the focus on her great photos. This month she has a warm seasonal challenge for us. Here it is in her own words:

" 'cos Autumn is all about layers of leaves and layers of jumpers (in the northern hemisphere) I would like to challenge you to add lots of layers to your page....this could be layers of paints, inks, stamps, papers, glassine paper, acetate....lots of lovely layers."


This was a fun challenge...instead of layering with the usual papers that I do, I chose to use Modeling Paste by Teresa Collins and paint.  I used a Heidi Swapp heart mask to create layers of hearts and circles on the background of my watercolor papers and when it was dry, I then custom mixed some Guache paints to match the sky in the photos...I painted them on and added water and voila...pretty!!  As luck would have it, I had some older Prima flowers that matched perfectly...(sometimes hoarding pays off!) and a little chipboard, some wood, some thread, vellum die cuts, sewn edges...gold pen, wink of stella on the wood and the hearts for a little pop, oh! Don't forget the little drips of Heidi Swapp Gold Lame mist...pretty much everything except paper!  I really love how it turned out...


We encourage you to check out each designer's creation this month: here's a complete list of this month's participating designers!  

Lisa Spiegel (you are here!)
Why not give the challenge a try yourself? Then pop by our Facebook page and share with us what you created!


Hi there...it's finally feeling a little fallish here, and when I say that, you have to understand that here in Los Angeles, we don't really have fall.  The day's temperature may start out coolish at upper 40's or 50's which gives you the illusion of a crisp fall day, but in the end, the day ends up at 80-ish degrees.  Finding moments where fall happens are pretty rare but I did take a second to kick a couple of leaves together for this photo, lol.  A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.  


This layout is a mashup of products...die cuts that I cut apart from the Marigold Collection, feathers, banners, stickers and words, also from Marigold, mashed with die cut leaves from the Happy Halloween collection.  (Wood paper from Teresa Collins)


I just love how cutting up the die cuts enabled me to create this fun border, inspired by Wilna Furstenberg and her Art and Design Class. (The cameo cut title is also from Wilna)  Don't be afraid to cut up the die cuts.  It's using products in unique ways that make our layouts our "own"!  Hope I've inspired you to think outside the box a little today and that you are enjoying Fall wherever you are!


Life is crazy...

Life is weird...it's sort of a freight train.  You can't stop it from happening, you just have to enjoy the ride.  Good, bad, twists, turns, speed, stops...all of it.  No point in getting motion sickness, you really just have the choice to be positive and find the good in the moment.  Some moments are easier than others...like the one where this girl turned 19.


How is she 19??  So hard to be away from her on her birthday.  Thank goodness for modern technology...facetimed 3 x's yesterday...love that!!  There's the silver lining....

And the one where after 9 years of orthodontia and double jaw surgery this girl finally got her braces off...easy to celebrate this moment!!


But this one...the one where we find out she broke her hip?



Yeah.  Not so much.  Out of school for two weeks...out of all activity for 6 weeks.  At least.  Sigh.  Can I please have a dislike button?  I guess all three girls can't seem to keep it together at the same time.  Thank goodness the universe knows I can't really handle drama with more than one at a time.  LOL

So wish us luck homeschooling and keeping her from being bored while she sits in the recliner chair every waking moment.  And I'll continue to make the choice to find the good....

Clearly Fall Card

Hi there, Lisa here today to share a Fall Friendship card I created using Clear Scraps Ornate Send it Clear Card and  Leaves Embellishment and Pretty Little Studio papers and Flair.


I simply cut my patterned paper to fit the back of the card and using a denim needle on my sewing machine, sewed it to the back panel of the card.  I chose to keep the front panels clear this time and let the background do the work for me.  I used my favorite Zip Dry adhesive for the leaves...and added an adorable Flair from the Marigold Collection. Twine from The Twinery and some thread top it all off for a simple but elegant look.


And a peek at the inside, just waiting for a special message...



Thank you for stopping by today!!